Experimental Rock

Experimental Rock

Experimental Rock

The identification of the physical and mechanical rock is extremely important to the construction of the foundation is placed on it. The characteristics of the rock is determined in the laboratory include the physical indicators, the intensity of deformation, the destructive type, modulus of elasticity …

Basic indicators of rock physics include :.

TRONGThi MENU experimental determination of density and porosity of rock samples for the purpose of determining effective porosity and density of the rock sample any geometric shape. Representative samples were selected, cleaned and balanced volume itself is then saturated in water. The volume of water saturated sample is determined by hydrostatic balance. Following that soil samples taken from the water bath, drying surface and the mass balance of saturated rock samples after drying surface.
Density laboratory equipment
Density laboratory equipment

The experiment of rock humidity almost identical to experimental procedures determine soil moisture. Humidity of stone is defined as the ratio of weight percent water contained in the pores of rocks with dry mass of rock samples. Rock samples were weighed and then dried to constant mass at 105oC ± 3 ° C temperature. The volume after drying is the dry mass of rock samples. This experiment was performed according to ASTM 2216.

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